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One of the many joys of working with clients who are founders and executives is helping them navigate their wealth plans alongside building their careers, families, and legacies. It’s rare to see ambition stall in these clients; instead, their careers evolve and so do their plans for the future. Helping them design personalized wealth plans tailored to their unique priorities and goals is one of the most thrilling aspects of my career as a wealth advisor.

Compensation packages for executives and other high-income earners can be confusing; acronyms, percentages, and industry jargon can make it hard to identify exactly what you have to gain from an offer. If you don’t completely grasp the pros and cons of what you’re being offered, it can be difficult or even impossible to formulate a long-term wealth plan. Two common terms you might have heard include restricted stock units (RSUs) and performance stock units (PSUs).

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