About Monument Wealth Management

On paper, we’re a wealth management firm.

In reality, we’re equal parts creative lab, brain trust, and outspoken critics of the financial industry.

What we really are is…

A team of razor-sharp, innovative, collaborative, and creative thinkers with seasoned financial expertise, a renegade spirit, and zero commitment issues.

What we do is…

Provide opportunities for people to use what they have to get where they most want to go—and tap not just their potential for wealth, but their potential for living.

For our clients, we do it in the form of thoughtful, considered, bespoke Private Wealth Design. For our team, we do it by providing opportunities for education, growth, and collaboration, so that they can become not just skilled advisors, but keener thinkers, creative problem solvers, and better humans.

Your Team at Monument

This is not a hair salon, where you come in, make a beeline for your stylist, and pay on the way out.

The Monument experience is one in which you get the attention of the whole team, and know everyone by name.

This is one of our greatest strengths—being able to give you not just customized support and guidance, but a mastermind which yields not just some good advice, but a wealth of insight.

Interested in joining our Team?  Click on to learn about our open positions and year-round Internship Program!

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