Cathleen D. Phelps

Client Experience Manager


“Flipping out is not an investment strategy.”
—David B. Armstrong, CFA

Cathleen has two big drivers-–a challenge and a love of learning. She cannot resist a challenge or a problem to solve, and cannot rest until she’s conquered it. Every morning, Cathleen runs or works out at Crossfit for an energy boost that gets her mind awake and going, ready to face whatever the day brings. She admits there’s always something that needs figuring out, and if she needs to learn something new to do it, that’s even better!

Cathleen has a degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia with concentrations in MIS and Marketing. She started her career as a process and change management consultant at Accenture. She found it fun to learn about different industries and new technologies, and felt the best part was helping her clients to be excited and effective in their new work environment instead of scared.

She loves working here because Monument is a small and smart group where she is still using technology to help a business run better. And as before, she feels the best part is working with our clients to help them achieve the life they want and ensuring their Monument Client Experience is something they enjoy and want to share with others.

Cathleen’s family has been growing up! She is getting used to chunks of time as an empty-nester while continuing to spend her free time in the gym, running, reading, walking her dog, and traveling back and forth to Maine for a change of scenery. Cathleen has also been exploring some new service activities related to public health and civic responsibility. There is so much to learn and so much work to be done!



Contact Cathleen to:

  • Schedule a meeting or call with the Monument Team
  • Gain access, ask questions or give feedback on the Monument Client Portal
  • Ask questions about your accounts or statements
  • Access funds, transfer cash or wire money


  • Board of Directors, Various Offices | The Giving Circle of Alexandria, 2005 – 2017

    Collaborated with Gift Chairs to initiate the Alexandria Citywide Playgroup Initiative and pioneered Spring2Action online giving event together with ACT for Alexandria. Managed The Giving Circle’s website and newsletter.

  • Various Club Offices | Toastmasters, 2012 – 2014

    Responsible for tracking member progress and motivating members to achieve their goals.

  • Volunteer Treasurer for RunningBrooke, 2017

    RunningBrooke is a grant-making organization that helps children in the City of Alexandria improve academic performance in the classroom through physical activity.

  • Chairman of Board | RunningBrooke, 2013 – 2017

    Partner with Brooke Curran, President of RunningBrooke to provide leadership to a newly formed Board in a new organization. Provide “sounding board” for ideas on RunningBrooke strategy, direction, and priorities.