Warning, we may not be for everyone

A good fit is like peanut butter and jelly, it’s best if you like both sides of the sandwich.

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Does This Sound Like You?

We specialize in working with people who have an investment portfolio of $3M+ and are seeking clarity and conviction around their overwhelmingly complex financial situations, which often result from:

> Selling a successful business

> Receiving a sizable inheritance

> Working as a highly compensated professional

There can be exceptions, but this is a general description of our typical client.


What Differentiates Us


What differentiates us in a sea of sameness is our team’s unfiltered opinions and straightforward advice that properly frames all risk, removes hassle, and empowers you to have more control over your time and options.

That won’t resonate with everyone, BUT if it resonates with you, keep reading.



Let’s Cut to the Chase!


You’ll like us if…

  • You’re tired of hearing more of the same…or nothing at all…from your current Advisor.
  • You want to talk plainly and honestly about your wealth and are happy to dispense with the pompous corporate arrogance, BS, and overcomplicated jargon so common across the industry.
  • You don’t want a product salesperson—you want to plug into a “collective mastermind” of seasoned pros who actually know how to listen and design creative, unique solutions.


We’ll love you if…

  • You understand and appreciate the worth of our expertise, time, and advice, and have the patience and discipline to let your wealth plan work.
  • You understand that you are “playing your own game”, not anyone else’s.
  • You tend to look at the market the way you do a weather report—good to know, but doesn’t have the power to derail your day or undo all your decisions.


We won’t like each other if…

  • You’re an elitist—you love jargon, people in suits, throwing around big name brands at cocktail parties, and believe “exclusive” investments are the hallmark of a sophisticated portfolio.
  • Your main goal is “more”—your number one priority is performance, and you dismiss the bigger picture. “More” isn’t something anyone can quantify nor measure.
  • You hate dogs. Seriously, that’s a deal-breaker. We bring our dogs to the office because it’s fun and it’s our thing.

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