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“I have enough to keep me afloat, but I’m still financially at sea. I want someone to tell me which direction I should be swimming in—and how hard.”

Most advisors wear button-down shirts starched within an inch of their lives, are awash in industry terms and grumbling about compliance. That really, really isn’t us.  What differentiates us in a sea of sameness, the single thing that no one else can offer or replicate, is our Team’s unique, straight forward, unfiltered OPINION…of which we have plenty, just ask. Not everyone agrees with our opinions and wealth advice, but we are not trying to resonate with everyone…we are just looking to resonate with someone. If this resonates with you, keep reading. 

We specialize in working with people that have come into sudden newfound wealth, such as from the sale of a sizable business or a large inheritance, but lack clarity and conviction on the overall probability it can sustain both their new desired lifestyle and their goals to gift money to future generations.  These are typically business owners going through a sale, individuals with newly inherited wealth, and highly compensated executives with at least $5mm in assets.  

Of course there can be exceptions–this is a general description of our typical client.

You'll like us if...


    • You want to talk plainly and honestly about your finances and are happy to dispense with BS and jargon.
    • You don’t just want an “advisor,” but to plug into a brain trust, a team of seasoned pros who actually know how to have a conversation.

We'll love you if...


  • You tend to act on good wealth advice, rather than just sit on it.
  • You tend to look at the market the way you do a weather report—good to know, but doesn’t have the power to derail your day or undo all your decisions.

You won't like us if...


  • You only trust people in suits.
  • You believe that exotic products and elite access investments are the hallmarks of a sophisticated portfolio.
  • You hate dogs. (Seriously, that’s a deal breaker.)

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