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Getting Downside Protection Without Using Fixed Income

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In a recent Financial Planning article, Journalist Katie Kuehner-Hebert shares the thoughts of our President and Co-Founder, Dean Catino, CFPⓇ, CPWAⓇ on investments with downside protection. Kuehner-Hebert writes, “Aside from fixed-income instruments, what other investments do advisers use to provide downside protection within their clients’ portfolios?”  She then follows with Dean’s thoughts, “Clients should consider using short-term structured notes that offer about 40% …

Still Waiting for a Market Pullback

Is the Market Too High to Buy?

David B. Armstrong, CFA Weekly Market Commentary

Sounds like a good title for a stoner movie… Anyway – Here’s a quote from the weekend Bespoke report: The S&P 500 made its 24th all-time closing high on Monday, but after three straight down days through Thursday, stopped there. Overall, though, the trend higher continues. The bull market remains innocent until proven guilty, and until that changes it’s hard …

Comey Leak

Summer, Summer, Summertime

David B. Armstrong, CFA Weekly Market Commentary

Last week saw a big drop for tech, which dragged the Nasdaq down 1.8%…its third worst day of the year, and worst week year-to-date (-1.5%). What made this big drop so distinctive? It came the day after setting a new all-time high. Other than a 2.6% drop in May, (yes, the year is almost half over…) you have to go …

Pick the Perfect Bracket

Investing Lessons and March Madness

David B. Armstrong, CFA Weekly Market Commentary

Oh boy…March Madness. It started last week and it’s what everyone seems to be talking about at work. Most people feel great on “Selection Sunday”, which is when the NCAA selection committee announces “The Bracket”. The bracket is the group of 64 teams (okay, I know it’s technically 68, but I’m asking for some artistic license for the sake of …

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The Ric Edelman Show Featuring David B. Armstrong, CFA

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Ric: Thanks for hanging around with us here on the Ric Edelman Show. It is “The Truth About Money“ and we’re doing a special broadcast today from the Bellagio Hotel on Las Vegas. You can call us whenever you want, Triple eight plan Ric, or visit us online at Barron’s is here hosting its annual conference of some of …