Rohit P. Punyani

Private Wealth Advisor


“Simplicity is the end result of long, hard work; not the starting point.”
— Frederick Maitland

Tides Edge—This is the name of the street in southern Maine where Ro vacationed after college graduation. While relaxing on the beach, he became completely transfixed by a book his Econ professor gifted him—Market Wizards by Jack Schwager. By the end of the book, Ro decided that instead of entering into his accelerated pre-med program as planned, he would head straight to Wall Street. He says this was the best decision he ever made.

After studying industries and individual securities at a mutual fund and working through far too many spreadsheets at a hedge fund, Ro enrolled in Georgetown for an MBA, focusing on risk management and systematic and algorithmic trading. He then entered the world of wealth management, eventually rising and ultimately managing over $4 billion in assets as a Chief Investment Officer.

But then, Ro came upon a once in a lifetime opportunity. He took what he admits to be a terrifying leap and started his own hedge fund based on his Master’s thesis—and guess what he named it? Tides Edge Capital Partners.

Ro had an incredible experience building his own fund and running his own business. However, he is a social creature and missed working with a team! And once COVID hit, changing all of our lives forever, he made the difficult decision to close down his fund. What’s next? He asked himself one key question: “If I could build and design my own wealth management firm, what would it look like?” After a lot of thoughtful research and meetings with advisors, one thing became obvious to him—and that was to join the Team at Monument, which he says has been “doing things the right way from the start.”

Ro is a natural fit a Monument because we take what we do very seriously, but do not take ourselves very seriously. Ro had us all laughing from day one about his escapades playing college football and how he unconventionally learned to whip up gourmet meals for hosting large groups of family and friends.

But in all seriousness, Ro joined Monument because we are fiduciaries—always putting our clients first as oppose to the myriad of stakeholders at a public company. As an entrepreneur himself, he can relate to our clients in a unique way and has a strong appreciation for our independent, employee-owned firm. And when we discovered that his investment philosophy of long-term, goals-based investing aligned with our own, we knew we had found our match!



Contact Ro to:

  • Ask questions about your investments and performance
  • Gain insight on investments and the current economy
  • Place a trade in your account
  • Ask questions about your investment reports


  • President’s Council

    Received prestigious award for teamwork and elite level production as a Wilmington Trust solutions partner to M&T Bank (2015)

  • Private Wealth D.C. Metro Forum Panel Moderator

    Moderated panel at Markets Group forum on assessing real asset and real estate investment strategies