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Q1 Market Recap: SVB Collapse, Tech Layoffs, & Investing Advice for Q2

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In this episode of Off the Wall, hosts David Armstrong and Jessica Gibbs are joined by Erin Hay and Nate Tonsager from Monument Wealth Management’s portfolio management team to break down what happened in the markets in Q1 2023, along with some takeaways and advice as we head into Q2. 

Tune in to hear the team reflect on the US large cap tech dominance, the importance of having a cash strategy, the difference between risk and volatility, and the biggest surprises of the first quarter. They address the significance of the great bank “crisis of 2023 and share their top advice for investing, saving, and selling your assets in Q2. Plus, Erin and Nate share their opposing predictions (and bet a Jimmy John’s sandwich!) on whether the Fed will increase interest rates in 2023. 

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 “My surprise of Q1 2023 is this: If you would have told me that we would, in 2023, have experienced the second and third largest bank failures in U.S. history and then told me that we would end the quarter positive with only a 7% drawdown in between, I would have said, you’re crazy.” – Erin Hay, CFA

Episode Timeline/Key Highlights:

[00:33] Introducing the topic of today’s episode
[01:29] Q1 Market Summary – What happened in Q1?
[04:10] Highest and lowest performing market sectors of Q1 of 2023
[06:40] What equity markets performed well in Q1? & How tech layoffs impact the tech sector
[09:39] There’s an issue with leadership and breadth in the market…
[11:56] What surprised us about international (non-US) stocks
[13:57] Don’t make these assumptions when investing in Q2
[14:54] Let’s talk about investing & saving your cash in Q2
[16:04] Other market surprises from Q1 (hint: we’re talking about banks!)
[23:56] Major takeaways from Q1 of 2023
[28:17] Market predictions for Q2 and the rest of 2023

Resources Mentioned:

Blog – Investing Risk and Volatility Aren’t the Same: http://bit.ly/3MnG499
Blog – Why Risk Makes You Wealthy: https://bit.ly/3ZESBrW
Susquehanna research about US large-cap tech leadership:  https://bit.ly/3KvJkge
Blog – What Happened to Silicon Valley Bank (In Plain English): https://bit.ly/svbcollapse
JP Morgan’s Guide to the Markets: http://bit.ly/417YgYm

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