Are Your Kids Prepared to Inherit Wealth?

Jessica L. Gibbs, CFP Weekly Market Commentary

Look, I get it, talking about money with your adult kids feels taboo. When they were young, you wanted them to feel taken care of, but it wasn’t important they understood what money conceptually meant to you, how much you had, or how you managed it.   But this goes without saying, your kids grow up. They become responsible, contributing adults with their own careers and their own money, and—not to get too …

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A Long Nap – I’m Woke

David B. Armstrong, CFA Weekly Market Commentary

It’s really important that investors understand what has happened over the past two months. Ask yourself, do you even remember what caused the Christmas Eve sell off? If you do, do you still possess fear over that issue? Furthermore, what were your emotional reactions? I suspect there was a lot of fear and anxiety – and that’s understandable. No one …

3 Kinds of Investors

Three Kinds of Investors

David B. Armstrong, CFA Weekly Market Commentary

The other day, a colleague asked me about my thoughts for a blog he was writing on whether investors were hiring and/or firing advisors, especially during periods like the last three months. The conversation went something like this: Colleague: “Do you think the current environment causes a lot of investors to switch advisors? Me: “Yes, and vice versa. I’ll bet …

Financial Advice From Hike

Financial Advice from the Pacific Crest Trail

David B. Armstrong, CFA Weekly Market Commentary

I spent the last 12 months planning a long-distance backpacking trip along the Pacific Crest Trail and the John Muir Trail which ran through a large section of the Sierra mountains in California.  As some of you already know, I took a fall at the 190-mile mark of the 220-mile journey and couldn’t continue.  I’ve unfortunately re-injured my knee, and …

Come Hiking

Planning for the Journey

Brittany R. Dewberry Weekly Market Commentary

Dave is just about halfway through his hike, and we sure hope he’s enjoying it! From the short blurbs he’s sent through his Garmin Tracking Device and his posts on social media from the outpost, we know he’s still going strong and of course has made some friends along the way! The hike seems to be running very smoothly for …

What We Didn't End Up Doing

What We Didn’t End Up Doing

David B. Armstrong, CFA Weekly Market Commentary

The markets basically sold off 11% from their high. Technically that’s a correction, but the term is not important…what happened is. A Private Wealth Plan is designed to keep clients focused on what their money is for.  The generic term for that is a “goal”, or more accurately, several goals.  The Plan should be a guide to follow when corrections happen.  …

Kitces Nerds Eye View

David Armstrong on Michael Kitces’ “Financial Advisor Success” Podcast

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Listen to Monument’s President and Co-Founder, David B. Armstrong, CFA on Michael Kitces’ Financial Advisor Success Podcast!  In this episode, Kitces and Armstrong discuss all types of decisions business owners face, including custom designing your office for a better data gathering experience. Read the transcript and listen to the Financial Advisor Success Podcast here on Michael Kitces’ Nerd’s Eye View website …

2018 You've Done This

A Thanks to Clients, a Look Forward and a Look Back

David B. Armstrong, CFA Weekly Market Commentary

If you are a client and occasionally skip reading a Monument Blog, please take a few minutes and read this one. Now that we have entered 2018, Monument is celebrating a DECADE anniversary. It’s amazing to type that. A decade. In January of 2008, the founders of Monument were sitting at a major wirehouse unaware of the doom that would …