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Top Financial Advisors in Northern VA

Top Financial Advisors Northern Virginia Magazine 2020

Monument named among top financial advisors in Northern VA for third consecutive year by Northern Virginia Magazine! 

Top Financial Advisors Northern VirginiaWe know what differentiates us in a sea of sameness, the single thing that no one else can offer or replicate, is our Team’s unique, straight forward, unfiltered opinion. That’s why during the tumultuous times of 2020, we prioritized checking in on our clients and communicating openly and frequently with our network to provide a steady stream of thoughts and advice when people needed it most.  

Showing our community that we are here to help guide them through the rough times is a major contributor to why, when asked who they would trust to give financial planning advice to their family and friendsour peers nominated us and Northern Virginia Magazine named us one of the top financial advisors in Northern VA. 


Digital Efforts in a Tumultuous World

One major change we made in 2020 is shifting to a fully remote workforce to keep our clients and our Team safe from COVIDSince one of our Team members already works out of Texas, we were grateful to have all the top-tier technology already in-use for when the rest of our team began working from home, creating a smooth transition for both us and our clients 

 In fact, during these challenging timeswe found some silver linings from going remote: 

  • Using video calls, our team is able to keep in close touch and we do not have to sacrifice meeting quality with our clients. 
  • Our busy clients no longer have to take time to drive to our office for meetings and our Team can spend more time with our families instead of sitting in commuter traffic. 
  • Since we’re in real-life test of our Business Continuity Plan, we can identify and iron out the rough edges. 
  • We’re looking at business development through a new lens, increasing our digital efforts which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for our firm and the people we can reach and help. 

Video Call Team

 As a company, we are always searching for a better way… whether it’s effectively communicating with and catering to our clients in unique circumstances, being on the front end of technological advances in our industry, or searching for new ways to reach more people that need our help, we refuse to stick to the status quo!  

This commitment to positive change, coupled with our renegade spirit, is why Monument Co-Founders David B. Armstrong, CFA and Dean J. Catino, CFP®, CPWA® have been recognized as Top Financial Advisors in Northern Virginia Magazine for the third year running. (See 2018 and 2019 here!)

See the full list in the September issue of Northern Virginia Magazine or on their website >


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*Northern Virginia Magazine surveyed thousands of industry experts and asked them to identify the leaders in the field. Professionals who received the most votes by their peers were named to the list.

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