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Monument Recognized as Community Leader through 4th Consecutive CARE Award


Northern Virginia Family Service has once again named Monument a socially conscious community leader for it’s proactive civic engagement and employee friendly work environment!

Why should you want to work with a CARE Award Winner?

The CARE Award recipients represent a community whose work environments not only adhere to exceptional professional standards, but also foster thriving creativity within their teams, all while operating with transparency and integrity.  You can count on CARE Award recipients to adopt industry best practices, but never hesitate to challenge the status quo.

Why is the CARE Award important to us?

You may have noticed we chose to define our company with a distinct fixture of the DMV landscape: the monument.  Similar to these enduring products of human cooperation, a community isn’t built through the fleeting efforts of a few individuals. Monuments are built gradually with dedication, on solid foundations.  They represent structures which aren’t just sizable, but also significant.  Within a community we believe that foundation is a sense of pride and trust in the area you call home and, in an organization, an unrivaled work environment that breeds a collaborative and fulfilled team. With the knowledge that lasting foundations won’t develop without a conscious effort from an involved contingent, we make an effort to do our part to help develop and reinforce the foundation of the community around us. Community Leader Volunteers We’ve collaborated with many different non-profit organizations in our area. One of those partners is the Ronald McDonald House, which we’ve had the opportunity to work with extensively.  For the second year in a row we’ve sponsored and participated in their Red Shoe 5k fundraiser, and our Team has cooked meals for the residents of Ronald McDonald’s House. Brittany, our Director of Brand and Marketing, had this to say about the experience: Our Team values familywe love children, and we want to help others. Not to mention we’re huge foodies who love to cook!  That’s why preparing and serving meals at Ronald McDonald House is a perfect fit for us; it brings us together outside of work for a greater cause that we can all get behind.”   Community Leadership Monument Wealth Volunteers For our Team and clients, we know family comes first; that’s why we put family first, too.  Cecelia and Cathleen, our Client Experience Managers know this firsthand.  Adjustable work hours allow them to build their schedule around the needs of their families. We believe it’s a good thing for a parent to be able to send their kids off to school in the morning, or chaperone school field trips without worrying about work.  Embracing technology has enabled our employee-first environment, allowing more work to be done remotely on a less stringent time schedule.

About the Award:

For more than 25 years, Northern Virginia Family Service has selected around 30 recipients a year to receive the CARE Award “based on their performance in the categories of community involvement and impact, health and wellness benefits, work-life programs and policies, and development and education programs.” This award will be presented at the 27th Annual CARE Awards Breakfast on Friday, November 15th at the Sheraton Premiere in Tysons Corner.  Maybe we’ll see you there!

About Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS):

Northern Virginia Family Service’s (nvfs.org) breadth, depth and scope of services ensures that everyone in need, at every stage of life, maximizes their potential and fully contributes to a thriving community. We provide the essential building blocks for financial, emotional and physical well-being, serving as leaders and innovators for the Northern Virginia community. Every year, we empower 34,000 individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency.

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