“I have enough to keep me afloat, but I’m still financially at sea. I want someone to tell me which direction I should be swimming in—and how hard.”

Over the last decade, we’ve learned a great deal about the kind of clients that gravitate toward our unique style and philosophy. We know most advisors wear button-down shirts starched within an inch of their lives, are awash in industry terms and grumbling about compliance. That really, really isn’t us.

Successful entrepreneurs, business owners and executives come to Monument for something new…something different. They express concerns like, “My advisor just wasn’t listening to me,” “She didn’t do anything to fix my problem,” or “He’s always trying to sell me something.” That really isn’t us either.

Are We a Fit?

You'll like us if:

  • You want to talk plainly and honestly about your finances and are happy to dispense with BS and jargon.
  • You appreciate people who don’t just dispense advice, but offer real, unfiltered opinions.
  • You don’t just want an “advisor,” but to plug into a brain trust, a team of seasoned pros who actually know how to have a conversation.
  • You understand that you cannot control the universe, the market, or really anything else with your thoughts.
  • More to the point, you understand that your own behavior determines your success more than any other factor, in every area of your life—including your finances.

    We'll love you if you...

    • Aren’t afraid to question how things have always been done, and are open to considering newer, better ways of doing things.
    • Are looking for people you can trust to give it to you straight.
    • Tend to act on good advice, rather than just sit on it.
    • Have an actual interest in learning how your finances work (rather than looking to simply delegate it like so much laundry).
    • Understand and appreciate the value of patience.
    • Consider yourself a student of human behavior, and want to understand it (especially your own).
    • Trust in good plans and allow them do their job.
    • Tend to look at the market the way you do a weather report—good to know, but doesn’t have the power to derail your day or undo all your decisions.

    You won't like us if:

    • You love jargon.
    • You only trust people in suits.
    • You want an order taker or financial custodian.
    • You want to limit our conversation to asset allocation.
    • You throw a fit every time the market dips.
    • You try to control the world with your thoughts and are legitimately upset when it doesn’t happen.
    • You hate dogs. (Seriously, that’s a deal breaker.)

    Do I have enough to work with you?

    While we’d love to help every single person who wants to work with us, fact is, we’re a boutique firm—and the value of what we do is dependent on the amount of time and resources we invest in our client relationships.

    A tailor who makes bespoke suits doesn’t churn out 50 a day; for one, it’s impossible, but also, if he were to try to do more than he can, the suits would be garbage.

    The value of what we do is in the quality of our work, not the sheer number of clients. So that means we’re choosy about who we work with. To that end, we limit the most complex work we do for people who stand most to gain from it—and that tends to be entrepreneurs, business owners and executives with at least $5MM in assets.

    Are there exceptions? Sometimes, yes. But if we’re not a good fit, we’re happy to refer to you another advisor in the area that we like and trust.

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