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Women Rock at Monument!

Every March 8th is International Women’s Day, and this year’s theme is “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change.”  The theme really resonated with me because we have such an incredible team and culture at Monument, due in large part to the fact that our team is comprised of 67% women!

We pride ourselves on being razor sharp, innovative, collaborative and creative thinkers with seasoned financial expertise.  Our steadfast commitment to excellence is exhibited daily by the women at Monument.

Of our nine full-time Team members, six are women, and they truly are the most outstanding and talented women with whom Dave and I have ever worked, and all are in key leadership roles within the firm.

Our Private Wealth Design Team is led by Jessica Gibbs, CFP and Emily Harper, CFP — they are indispensable in making sure every client stays on track with their planning and meets their goals.

Our Client Experience Team is led by Cecelia Gilliam and Cathleen Phelps –- they are the conductors that make sure that every “I” is dotted, every “T” is crossed, and every client has an exceptional experience with Monument.

Our Brand and Marketing Team is led by Brittany Dewberry and assisted by Brittany Gabel – together, they package our mission, values, efforts and offering to ensure we’re communicating effectively with our clients and the public.

In respect of these outstanding women of Monument, and in honor of International Women’s Day, Dave and I wanted to take a quick moment and express our thanks for their collective leadership and commitment to the important work they do for every client of the firm.

“Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change” — The women of Monument rock!


Dean J. photo

Dean J. Catino, CFP®, CPWA®

President & Co-Founder

Pretty much everything in Dean’s life revolves around his family and friends. Dean married his high school sweetheart, Sheila, and they have three accomplished daughters that he is immensely proud of. For fun, Dean enjoys the serenity of fly fishing and the thrill of crushing the “cyber competition” on his Peloton bike. Of course, scoring better than Dave on the golf course always makes his day!

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