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I’ve written a lot about how having a solid wealth plan in place is the key to coming out of a bear market in the best possible condition. But having a wealth plan isn’t enough if you don’t also have the patience and discipline to execute on the plan – especially when your survival instincts are being bombarded by the media.

In case you missed it, there was a…how do I put this…kerfuffle between Andrew Ross Sorkin and Joe Kernen on CNBC this morning. I had to watch it like three times.

But it really caught my attention starting at the 2:35 mark, where Joe starts to defend himself by saying he was trying to help investors not panic. It was one of the very few times I felt like CNBC (really Joe) was trying to articulate the benefits of investors “keep[ing] their cool, keep[ing] their heads” and then said, “as it turns out, that’s what they should have done.”

Sad…someone was trying to make a lucid point about the benefits of patience and discipline, and it was drowned out by divisive banter that reminded me of a “I know you are, but what am I?” exchange. Two guys making two different points yelling at each other until one calls the other a shill for the President.


But people still listen.

Well, they selectively listen…usually for the sound bites that validate their biases one way or the other (for example a bull or bear market case).

I’m biased, too, though. I’m biased by my optimism and by history. In the absence of a crystal ball, history and some general probabilities are the best guides for looking forward…and they drive a big part of my optimism.

But rather than try to keep writing or talking about the history of bear markets and recoveries…I’m just gonna show you. Thanks to Invesco (@InvescoUS). Green = GOOD…Red = BAD

S&P 500 Historical Performance During Bull and Bear Markets

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I’m biased by my optimism and by history

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