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Bonds aren't boring! In episode 6 of Monument Wealth Management's "Off the Wall" Podcast, Monument's Portfolio Manager Erin M. Hay, CFA, is back to explain what bonds are and how they are affected by changes in interest rates and inflation. Listen to the end to hear Erin and Dave's thoughts on the role of bonds in portfolio strategy and their favorite bond resource: Jared Dillian's bond master class (@dailydirtnap on Twitter).

May 18, 2021 Invest My Wealth

What do women say they wished they'd known or started doing sooner when it comes to their finances? Jessica shares takeaways from her interviews with dozens of women, including the importance of financial literacy and why winging it isn't a strategy. https://monumentwealthmanagement.com/disclosures

Apr 26, 2021 FAQ

We spend a lot of time talking about creating a trust and estate plan, but what happens after the plan goes into effect, and how does it get administered? Dave and Jessica from Monument Wealth Management host Leah Del Percio, founder of Trustate, to discuss the challenges of estate administration and what you can do now to help your loved ones. Check out www.trustate.com for more info, as well as Trustate’s booklet on what to do when someone dies.

Did you know there are 20 decisions a poker player needs to make per hand? That's a lot of decisions! So there's definitely a thing or two (or more) that we can learn from world-class professional poker player Annie Duke. In episode 3 of Monument Wealth Management's "Off the Wall" Podcast, hosts David B. Armstrong, CFA and Jessica L. Gibbs, CFP(R) talk with our co-founder Dean J. Catino, CFP® about lessons learned from Annie Duke's book, "Thinking in Bets".

Mar 19, 2021 Invest My Wealth

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What is the "Wall of Worry" that you hear of on the news, and what does it have to do with your wealth and investments? In episode 2 of Monument Wealth Management's "Off the Wall" Podcast, hosts David B. Armstrong, CFA and Jessica L. Gibbs, CFP(R) discuss this topic with our Portfolio Manager, Erin M. Hay, CFA and share our thoughts on finding a purpose for your wealth. Learn more about Monument Wealth Management at www.monumentwealthmanagement.

Mar 01, 2021 Invest My Wealth

Get to know our hosts! In this first episode, hosts David B. Armstrong, CFA and Jessica L. Gibbs, CFP(R) introduce themselves and the purpose behind Monument Wealth Management's "Off the Wall" podcast - which is answering the questions, "What is the point of my wealth and what steps can I take to make that vision a reality?" Important Disclosures: https://monumentwealthmanagement.com/disclosures  

Jan 05, 2021 Invest My Wealth

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