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Monument Wealth Management has been nominated for Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award for above-and-beyond business leadership, employee engagement, and corporate social responsibility.

Our Monument Team is proud to announce our nomination for the 2018 “Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award” run by Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

To qualify, a small business must have less than 100 employees in the DC Metro region and not only show outstanding contributions during the past year to employees and the community, but also be a “longtime advocate for the community” with a “longstanding reputation for above-and-beyond corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.”

Monument’s CSR efforts that led to this nomination come from applying our mission of deeply impacting lives to four main areas of focus: Our Families, Interns, Clients and Community.

Our Families

To be socially responsible, we believe we must start with nurturing our own families. That’s why we have flexible policies that allow us to come and go as needed for appointments and to care for family and friends. We also have flexible benefit packages that allow us to customize our benefits to meet our individual and family needs.

Our Interns

Next is our internship program, through which we host anywhere between 3 and 15 interns per year. We want to help these college and high school students gain experience and valuable mentorship while also helping to shape the future of the financial industry for the better.

Our Clients

Our CSR of course is very much about our clients. As Financial Planners we help many local business owners and individuals identify their goals, and help them set a plan to achieve those goals. As an independent firm, we are true fiduciaries, always putting our clients’ interests first.

Our Community

We care for our community through volunteering and making donations to local, national and worldwide non-profits, both individually and as a team. A list of non-profits our company has been involved with as a Team is located on our website.

“I am lucky to work with a group of good-hearted people who truly care about making our community and world a better place. Knowing that my Teammates and I share the same passion and mission to do the right thing and be socially responsible builds upon the trust and respect we already have for each other.” – Brittany Dewberry, Brand Manager

Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Outstanding Corporate Citizenship nominees have been reviewed by an independent selection committee and winners will be announced live at the Annual Chairman’s Luncheon on Wednesday, June 18th at the Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner.

View the full list of Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award nominees on Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s website > 

About Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce:

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