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For Financial Advisor Ads, a New Frontier

How do we feel about Financial Advisors advertising investment performance?  Dave explains it perfectly in a recent Barron’s article (while adding some color, of course, as he always does).

The Barron’s article states that not all Advisors agree on this new rule:

Advisors may have [sharp] disagreements about whether to advertise performance. The proposed rules allow firms to share past performance, net of fees and expenses, while taking certain steps such as including one-, five- and 10-year comparisons in ads targeted to retail audiences. Touting good numbers should go right to the brainstem of many consumers, giving an advantage to advisors who do so.

Dave’s take:

David Armstrong, president and co-founder at $291 million Monument Wealth Management, in Alexandria, Va., wants nothing to do with performance ads. “Personally I wouldn’t touch that with a 10-foot pole,” he says. “I don’t want to sell performance – I’m going to hang my hat on advice and planning.”

At Monument we don’t just focus on investment performance–we specialize in taking complex, 3-dimensional problems and creating solutions that are intelligent, thoughtful, and creatively conceived.  

Advisors  tend  to differentiate themselves by claiming  they  have the best–the best firm, the best client service, the best investment performance–we say  that’s all a bunch of bunk. We know  what differentiates us  in a sea of sameness,  the single thing  that  no one else can offer or replicate,  is  our Team’s  unique, straight forward, unfiltered  OPINION…of which we have plenty,  just ask. Not everyone agrees with our opinions, but we are not trying to resonate with  everyone…we are  just looking to resonate with  someone. And hopefully, that’s you!

Along with addressing the new rule on advertising investment performance, the Barron’s article also discusses the new rules for Financial Advisors promoting client reviews and testimonials, which have not been permitted in the past, but we look forward to exploring further once the rule is passed later this year.

Read the full article on Barron’s >

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Brittany R. Dewberry

Director of Brand and Marketing

This Organizational Communications graduate from James Madison University has a minor in Spanish and loves to travel the world. She never expected to find herself working with a bunch of boring Financial Advisors… and never will. Brittany saw something different in Monument – a sense of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, mentorship, growth – all things inspirational that have kept her here, finding excitement in each day, since 2011.

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