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By Lauren Kaye, Marketing Editor at Brafton Inc.

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Marketers in the financial services industry are usually afraid of content marketing and social media, even though they understand how important these approaches are for success today. Concerns about compliance hold them back. Burdened by the need to provide disclaimers about financial advice, market predictions, etc., a lot of marketing teams mistakenly consider content strategies out of reach.

But in an industry where consumers and business owners are looking for experts they can trust, content marketing has massive potential to establish a baseline of expertise and authority. Here are eight examples of companies across the financial services space (this list spans mortgage lending, personal finance, wealth management, business lending) that have made the leap into digital media to build their online footprints – and do it really well:

Einstein quote……

6. Monument


Why it works: It’s fun!

Monument’s blog captured my attention because it had so much personality, and it made complex information approachable. Taking a page out of Einstein’s book, this company doesn’t talk over readers’ heads. It explains difficult ideas clearly to display obvious command over the subject matter, daring even to make it fun.

Monument is willing to go to a place most marketers in the financial services space are afraid venture – having fun with the subject matter. In this article, David B. Armstrong, President and Co-Founder, admits he is taking liberties with the song reference – and I agree that he is. However, taking the news and using a pop culture reference to turn it into a meme IS an effective way to catch readers’ attention and make them want to learn more.

Read the Full Article on Brafton.com >