Monument Client Portal FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Monument Client Portal. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please email our Team at
or call 703.504.9600.


How do I log into the Monument Client Portal

To get to the Monument Client Portal, go to, select “Client Login” from our website menu, then click the “Login” button for the Monument Client Portal. You will need a user ID and password for the Client Portal; your Schwab Alliance and eMoney credentials will not work.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes! Go to your phone’s app store and search “Monument Wealth Management” to find our Monument Client Portal app. Log in with your username and password, and enable Touch ID for easy access.

How do I get a user ID and password for the Monument Client Portal?

If you are the primary account holder in your household (ie., your name is first on your statements):

Go to, select “Client Login” from our website menu, then click the “Login” button for the Monument Client Portal.

Click the “Create Login” link at the lower right to create a user ID, then enter your social security number, birthday, and a security question. You will receive a Password Reset email valid for 15 minutes which will contain a link to set your password.

If you are a joint account holder (i.e., you name appears second on your statements), please email us at for an activation link, letting us know a good time to send it since the link expires in 15 minutes.

I am trying to create my login but the system isn’t recognizing my social security number and birthday? What’s wrong?

Are you the primary account holder or the joint account holder? If you’re a joint account holder trying to create a shared ID, make sure you’re entering the SSN and birthday for the primary accountholder. The activation link will go to the primary accountholder’s email.

If you’re still having trouble, email us at and we’ll set up an ID for you and send you the link to log in. The link is only valid for 15 minutes so let us know a good time to send you the link.

I logged into the Client Portal but it said “Failed to Load Managed Accounts”. What does that mean?

Sometimes Orion, the software behind the scenes, sends this message when there is a lot of data to access. Try to refresh the page so it pulls the rest of your data. If you receive the error a second time, please let us know.

The email and phone numbers in my User Profile are for my spouse instead of me. Why is that?

The email and phone numbers you see in the “Basic Settings” and “Phone Number” tabs are those for the household, i.e., the primary account holder. If you look in the “Authentication” and “Notification” tabs, you should see the email and phone number associated with your login ID.

I want to update my phone numbers and/or address on the Client Portal but those fields are disabled. How can I update my information?

Please contact us at and ask us to make your updates for you. There are a couple of systems where we store this information and this way we’ll be able to update your data everywhere.

Why can’t I see performance data?

Performance data and related reporting features may not be immediately available because we are auditing your data. As we complete these audits, we will notify you that there has been an update to your settings adding these features.

Why don’t my account values match what I see in my other online account?

Performance data in the Monument Client Portal is updated once per day at night. This means the numbers reflect the last market close, and are not in real-time.

How do I view my account values in real-time?

If you’d like to view your account values in real-time, you’ll want to log in directly to the financial institution where your money is held, for example, Charles Schwab Advisor Services’ system at

Who should I contact with questions about the portal?

We have set up a dedicated email address which is shared across the Team to prioritize any Monument Client Portal issues; if you have any questions about the Monument Client Portal or want us to walk you through it, let us know at or 703-504-9600.

Monument Client Portal Videos

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