Retirement Planning Services

We specialize in helping our clients through major life transitions—like selling a business, passing wealth between generations and planning for retirement.

First, let’s frame the discussion:

Imagine that after a working life of more than 40 years, sometimes made up of multiple careers, you find yourself at the end of one road—and the beginning of another. In the process, for many people, nearly every part of their daily routine will change.

Whether you are 50 or 80, our experience tells us that you are likely to drastically change the pace at which you operate throughout your life. However, for many of our clients, this change is more a process of substitution rather than a wholesale revision. [Read: Transitioning Into Retirement]

In fact, we regularly joke with several of our clients who are no longer working that it is harder to find time for us to meet now that they are retired, given how much they are packing into their now “empty” schedules. Beyond the difficulties of a newly busy social and travel schedule, both to see grandkids and long dreamt of far-off places, there are a series of financial challenges that our clients have run into head-on after they’ve left the workforce.

Let us help you plan for retirement

So how do you plan for such a major event as this? We begin with a Private Wealth Design.

Private Wealth Design is a collaborative, creative, customized approach to turning a wealth of diverse opinions, ideas, resources, and investments into a design that represents the life YOU want to live—both now, and in retirement.

We understand that during this transition, your wants and needs will change over time.

So that’s why a Monument Private Wealth Design is not done the moment it is created; rather, it’s an ongoing process that we continuously revisit together and adjust to suit your life and goals, as you and the world evolve.

Monument’s Retirement Planning Services

Your Private Wealth Design will begin with a Monument Asset Map that will allow us to visually organize all of your finances in a clear graphical layout. We’ll then do an in-depth review of all the issues that matter most to you, with an emphasis on cash flow planning. This allows us to project various “what if” scenarios to see how your estate plan, taxes, and other details of your financial life will factor into your retirement. [Read: Retirement Plans for Business Owners]

Next, we use our planning and modeling software to build and review different courses of action with conforming investment plans and portfolios that can support your retirement lifestyle. We review with you the advantages, disadvantages, and the calculated probability of success of each course of action you are considering. We will adjust and modify them until we create the one that best meets your goals, objectives and risk tolerance.

Your Private Wealth Design provides the confidence that the decisions you make today can have a high probability of success to set you up for the retirement you envision.