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Don’t End Up on the Teacup Ride of Investing


Disney World has everything! It’s exciting. From those teacups that spin–which I don’t understand why anyone does that–to simple cartoon-themed rides. Sometimes you have to wait hours for a ride and sometimes it feels like everything just works. This is from personal experience… My family spent some time in Disney World and (true to form) I thought about investing while I was there.

The stock market is a lot like Disney – you can choose your own adventure.  It can be overwhelming – what is the best way to get the most out of your time and money? Investing, like waiting in line at Disney, requires patience and time.


No Skipping to the Front of the Line!

It’s hard to get rich quick in the markets, just like it’s hard to skip the lines at Disney.  You can get a certain number of fast passes at Disney that allow you to skip the line. Just like picking stocks, you get a few winners but most of the wealth created is through compounding–not a moonshot like Space Mountain. The two best investors are patience and time.


What Are Your Have-To’s?

Most people visit the park with a few “have to” rides and a lot of “want to” experiences. Our “have to’s” were Peter Pan, Frozen, and those funnel cakes.

Below is Monument Wealth Management’s “Have To” List for investing – the Have To list helps you make sure “everything just works”…

  1. A wealth plan, or even better…a Private Wealth Design
  2. An investment strategy in concert with your plan
  3. And finally, a poncho – mickey ears optional – it rains a lot in Florida just as there are storms in the market

Without clearly defining your Have To’s, you’ll likely end up with the teacup experience, going in circles and ending up with a tummy ache.

In isolation, the checklist alone won’t suffice; we need something more thoughtfully calibrated.  With the right team and the right tools – a plan, patience and time – both Disney World and investing can be rewarding.




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