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FinancialPlanning‘s Katie Kuehner-Hebert featured Monument’s President and Co-Founder, Dean J. Catino, CFPⓇ, CPWAⓇ, in her article, “Pro Bono Work Attracts Appreciative Clients.

In her article, Kuehner-Hebert writes:

“Advisers do pro-bono work to give back, but one side benefit could be that those in the community are impressed and want to become clients….

Dean Catino, a CFP and the co-founder and president of Monument Wealth Management in Alexandria, Virginia, said that all the firm’s employees are encouraged to do pro-bono work, ‘but it is truly about giving back.’

‘I am sure our current clients and prospects appreciate that we are charitably inclined, and I do recall some positive ‘side’ comments from clients and prospects. I have no direct info on any client that was drawn to us for this, but if it were to happen, it’s a positive benefit,’ Catino says.”

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