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Monument Team on Steve Sanduski’s “Between Now and Success” Podcast

Success Podcast

Listen to the Monument Team on Steve Sanduski’s Between Now and Success podcast!  In this episode, Sanduski discusses:

  • Monument’s internship program with Brand Manager, Brittany Dewberry and Design Intern, Kristie Beyer
  • Monument’s succession planning with Senior Financial Planner, Jessica Gibbs, CFP® and President and Co-Founder, David Armstrong, CFA
  • Some highlights of Dave’s career transition from the United States Marine Corps to owning a business

Sanduski, CFP® is the founder of two financial services companies, a New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, executive coach, and speaker. The podcast includes interviews with visionaries and achievers who share how they balance life and business with tools, tips, and strategies.

The show helps explain financial and entrepreneurial topics in the way Monument works for you–by being the financial equivalent of a charcoal water filter: screening for toxins, garbage, and inessential junk, so that you can get clear on what you have and where you want to be.

On this episode with Monument, the main topics of discussion included: our internship program, succession planning, and Dave’s lessons from the Marine Corps that he has used to build a successful, independent RIA.

Monument wanted to define an internship program that would stand out from the rest, thinking outside the box to provide great value for both the Team and the Interns. Dave explained that the thought process began with, “How can we leverage some of these really smart people on the creative side,” and help them build their portfolio of real work and experience while producing really great design for our company.

Later on in the podcast, Dave’s talks about his transition from the Marine Corps and how it translates over to Monument. He points out, “When you become an officer in the Marine Corps, everybody goes to infantry school. It’s a basic school where you learn basic tactics, and that six-month leadership school drills into you basic principles of leadership no matter what position you go into after.” Dave continued, “I learned to not micromanage your people, and delegate the tasks to the people who are qualified to do it, then get out of their way so they can do it.” It is leadership fundamentals like these that guide how Monument is run on a daily basis.”

Make sure to check out the podcast to listen to even more details from these topics including succession planning!

Read some highlights and listen to the Between Now and Success podcast here on Steve Sanduski’s Belay Advisor website here>

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