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Earlier this year, a Shulman Rogers attorney from our network reached out suggesting our company would be a great fit for the 2019 Moxie Awards, “Celebrating Boldness in Business.” This award brings together more than 300 DC-area business leaders of elite companies who show novelty, boldness and innovation.

After filling out a questionnaire about our practice, our Team is proud that the judges have named us an official 2019 Moxie Award Finalist!

Dave and Dean started Monument because they were inspired to jump outside of the norm and make the world of finance more creative, innovative and trustworthy. They wanted to bring clients clarity instead of inundating them with jargon and complex financial products based on sales goals pushed by a large corporation. Transformative approaches and ideas like these are the building blocks of Monument, which have led us to become a finalist for the Moxie Award.

“We received an unprecedented number of entries,” said Sarah Cody, the 2019 Moxie Award executive chairwoman. “We look forward to revealing the winners at the 2019 Moxie Award celebration.”

According to the Moxie Award website, applicants are evaluated on innovation, growth, industry leadership, community service and local achievements.

Winners are recognized in front of hundreds of business leaders at the Moxie Award Ceremony and Dinner on November 5th, where they are presented the unique Moxie trophy, a prestigious sign of their boldness.

It is a true honor when we get reminders like these that show our Team that while we’re always searching for a better way, we’re moving in the right direction.