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Armstrong and Dewberry Present at Barron’s Summit


Monument Wealth Management’s David B. Armstrong, CFA and Brittany R. Dewberry Present on Salesforce CRM at Barron’s Top Independent Advisors Summit.

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Monument Wealth Management’s David B. Armstrong and Brittany R. Dewberry presented on Salesforce CRM at Barron’s 2016 Top Independent Advisors Summit, which took place in Phoenix, AZ from March 21st to March 23rd.

Barron's SalesforceAs noted on Barron’s website, this Top Independent Advisors Summit is an “intimate and invitation-only event, where the nation’s top independent financial advisors gather for an exclusive chance to share ideas, grow professionally, and network amongst their peers.” Among these peers are the top 500 independent financial advisors selected by the major national financial services firms.

Barron’s website states that the Top Independent Advisors Summit “provides highly detailed and thought-provoking perspectives from top advisors on managing investments, clients and practices.”

Armstrong and Dewberry were honored to be selected by Barron’s to present a session to the conference attendees titled, “Your Technology & CRM Systems and How Teams Are Using Them,” which focused in on five major customizations that the Monument Team has implemented in Salesforce that are outside the scope of standard Client Relationship Management (CRM). These five customizations included the following:

  1. Tracking progress of company goals
  2. Giving team recognition
  3. Recording human resources details and conducting reviews
  4. Measuring Net Promoter Score
  5. Tracking referrals

DCIM100GOPROG0020060.Armstrong and Dewberry, as well as the rest of the Monument Team, highly value the opportunity to share successful practices with peers and gather new ideas for implementation in effort to better the financial community for internal teams and clients, alike.

Armstrong has presented at Barron’s Top Independent Advisors Summit in the past in the areas of social media and corporate culture, and has spoken at a variety of other conferences over the years. Armstrong and the Monument Wealth Management Team continue to seek out and accept invitations for conferences, studies, and article features, to share all that they have learned from their experiences.

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Monument Wealth Management is a financial advisory firm that helps accomplished entrepreneurs, executives and other high-net-worth individuals transition to a life of long-term financial independence and wealth defined on their own terms. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Monument supports clients throughout the entire wealth creation and preservation cycle, and serves as a partner, advocate and advisor during all aspects and phases of their journey.



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