Asset Management Services

The financial services industry, alongside the media, does a fabulous job of creating complex behavioral issues and total confusion. This is why we go to great lengths to provide you with our unfiltered and straightforward opinion that is grounded in our Team’s expertise and experience. Below is how we go about providing asset management services to our clients.

We Are In-House Asset Management Experts

“All Dry Cleaning Done On-premises.” Why do the owners of some dry-cleaning companies put this sign proudly on their door? Because they want you to know that they’re not handing your stuff off to someone they don’t know and never see. They’re accountable to the service they’re offering you, from start to finish.

Financial services is different—but not that different. Many wealth management firms will dispatch your assets to outside, third-party money managers. Not only will this cost you extra fees, but if something isn’t performing the way you want it to, they’ll kindly agree with you, point fingers, and replace the manager with someone else.

Not us. Last we checked, having someone else, somewhere else, manage your investments doesn’t correlate with better performance.

That’s why our in-house portfolio managers are a critical part of our team. Not only does that knock out the expense of the middlemen, it allows us to be fully accountable and aware of what is happening, what we need to change to keep you on track, and most importantly, why you do or don’t own a particular investment. Our opinion is always present.

Do we sometimes outsource when we know someone has expertise in a specific area? You bet. But you’ll be the first to know who, and why.

While our in-house experts invest for the long term, we also know that gains are not realized until they are turned into cash. That’s why we focus on cash – generating it, disbursing it, planning for it, and using it to protect against the inevitable downturn in the markets. As the old saying goes, “Cash is King.” Unlike many other advisors, we hedge with cash, not exotic, expensive strategies that, sooner or later, always seem to fail.  All the opinions of our in-house experts are carefully considered when co-creating your Private Wealth Design.

See how our asset management services tie into your bigger picture…your Private Wealth Design.