Monument’s Mascots
Fripp, Lyla, Charlie & Rory


Fripp has been with Monument since he was rescued in 2009. We often joke that Fripp is like a grumpy old man… he may not be as energetic as the others, but he sure is cute, loyal, and man’s best friend. Fripp’s favorite things to do around the office are nap in the sunlight, guard the door, and patrol the trash cans.


Lyla, also a rescue, joined the Monument family in 2015. She has a ton of energy and loves to play ball and tug-o-war with humans and dogs, alike. When Lyla is very excited, she hops around and snorts, earning her the nickname, “Little Miss Piggy!”


Charlie started making guest appearances at Monument in 2015, and now is a frequent visitor. He is famous for his adorable, long, drawn out whimper, which he knows will bring him all of the love and affection he craves (and deserves!).


Rory is the puppy of the group, and also our newest member! She is playful, energetic and has taken up the new hobby of “desk surfing”. Rory loves Monument’s motto of “always exploring” and applies it to every part of her life, including rummaging through amazon boxes, purses and trash cans.

If you want to meet the dogs when you come in for a visit, let us know in advance so we can make sure they're here!

Two animal rescue organizations we support are LRCP Lab Rescue and American Humane!