Financial Advisor Positions

Are you currently a Financial Advisor looking to leave your firm and go independent? Are you currently participating in an Advisor training program and interested in something different?

Years ago, we left one of the largest firms on Wall Street, and understand the complete confidentiality that you need when discussing and planning your move.  If you reach out to us, you can rest assured that our conversation will be held completely private.

We would be happy to help advise you on your next steps, and consider a position for you here at Monument if we mutually feel you’re a good fit.

Call Dave or Dean at 703-504-9600 for more information. If you are asked to have a voicemail, please be assured that all of Dean and Dave’s voicemail messages are completely private.

  • Team Player

    Do you want to be part of a collaborative team and participate in, and improve upon, our firm’s processes?

  • Innovator

    Are you an open-minded, creative individual who wants to challenge the status quo and is always searching for a better way?

  • Open Communicator

    Do you want to work in a transparent environment, with an open-door policy where we all share ideas and information for the benefit of our clients?

  • Reliable

    Do you want to work in place where you can trust and depend on your Teammates, and we can trust and depend on you?

  • Dog-Friendly

    Just kidding… but we do often have our dogs in the office! Are you looking for a fun and exciting work environment, where we work hard AND play hard?