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Entrepreneurs themselves, Monument’s founding team
members have a unique understanding of the challenges,
complexities and rewards involved in the journey of
building a successful business.

We Believe In Being


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Monument Wealth Management - We Believe in Being Different

We Believe in Being Different

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Monument Wealth Management Asset Management Conference Room

Entrepreneurs Advising Entrepreneurs

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Company Overview

Monument Wealth Management is a financial advisory firm that helps accomplished entrepreneurs transition to, and maintain, a life of long-term financial independence. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Monument serves the greater Washington D.C. area and beyond, and specializes in issues facing business owners before, during and after a liquidity event. Monument supports clients throughout the entire wealth creation and preservation cycle, and serves as a partner, advocate and advisor during all aspects and phases of their journey.

We Believe in Being Different

To be different, we need to always challenge the status quo. We do this through a process that delivers Private Wealth PlanningSM and an asset management strategy that is Well Designed, Simple to Understand and User Friendly – giving people the choices, the inspiration and the plan they need to live life on their terms.
Because Monument operates as an independent firm, the team provides only unbiased financial advice, and recommendations that are best for each client’s individual situation.
Monument’s clients have seamless access to all four members of the founding team, allowing them maximum exposure to a wide range of specialties and expertise.
Monument’s proven expertise and hands-on approach to managing wealth eliminate the middleman and allow clients firsthand access to those who are actually managing the investments.

Come Visit the Monument Office!

Unlike the big brokerages, the Monument Team eschews territorialism and prioritizes collaboration, teamwork, and nimbleness.
As you can see, their office is designed to encourage this type of communication and transparency.

Monument Wealth Management Asset Management Conference Room
Monument Wealth Management Communication Collaboration Transparency
Monument Wealth Management Private Wealth Financial Planning Room
Monument Wealth Management We Believe in Being Different