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You can count on our weekly entertaining and educational blog posts by our President and Co-Founder, David B. Armstrong, CFA, to keep you updated on the most recent economic news, and give Private Wealth Management tips!

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Do You Know Your Risk Number?

Take this Riskalyze test to pinpoint your Risk Number, and make sure your portfolio contains just the right amount of risk for your tolerance.

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We Believe in Being Different

We created Monument so we can be innovative and respected in an outmoded and antiquated industry, offering clients our unique Private Wealth Management experience completely unconstrained by any large corporate agenda. Here is an introduction video about our company.

Private Wealth Management


Monument On The Go!

Download Monument’s mobile app!  Bringing simplicity and humor into the financial world, Monument Wealth Management’s goal is to create easy-to-understand blogs with interesting comparisons that will likely bring a few laughs your way.

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Communication, Collaboration & Innovation

Unlike the large Wall Street firms, the Monument Team eschews territorialism and prioritizes communication, collaboration and innovation. Watch this video for an overview of our office.

Communication, Collaboration & Innovation


Entrepreneurs Advising Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs ourselves, we have a unique understanding of the challenges, complexities, and rewards involved in building a successful business. Here are a few of our most recent “Featured Articles for Entrepreneurs,” Executives, and other investors.

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Private Wealth Management for High-Net-Worth Individuals

As you’ll see in this video series, our unique 5-Step Private Wealth Management Process helps remove the anxiety and uncertainty that can often times accompany financial success.

Private Wealth Management for Entrepreneurs