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Our clients hire us because they recognize the value of our Team’s unique, straight-forward, unfiltered opinion and our tailored advice designed to answer their questions, not everyone else’s. Below, you’ll find some of the most important questions we have been asked over the years to help you better understand the role we play and the advice we give.

Monument Team Rated Top Financial Advisors, by Financial Advisors

Monument Wealth Management’s Co-Founders, David B. Armstrong, CFA and Dean J. Catino, CFP® have done it once again! Both were highlighted as 2021 Top Financial Advisors in Northern Virginia Magazine. Recommendations from local financial professionals deemed Monument Wealth worthy of such high praise for the fourth year in a row. We believe it’s due to our commitment to our clients, our industry and our community.

While working to create a simple and smooth experience for our clients, we also strive to improve the field for our colleagues, fellow financial professionals, and community. Speaking our unfiltered and straightforward opinion, Monument cuts through the fluff on current financial topics in our “Off the Wall” Blog and Podcast. In an industry where one can often get lost in jargon, Monument helps keeps things clear and concise–acting as a fearless navigator in the sea of online information.

However, we don’t limit ourselves to our online presence—we also take a more tangible approach. Monument values contributing monetarily and volunteering at local non-profits including (to name a few) the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Greater Washington DC area, Community Foundation for Northern Virginia and of course our local Lab rescues. Monument is committed to creating positive change within Northern Virginia both in and out of the financial industry.

Committed to lifelong learning and contemporary evolvement, Monument’s dynamic and concise nature is not only recognized by our clients, colleagues and community, but also by industry publications. Dave has been featured on numerous podcasts and shows such as “Barron’s” and “Get Real!” and Dean has been featured in various industry publications to help advance our community through unfiltered opinions and advice. Dean notes that one of the primary reasons we’ve been recognized with this award is because, “Our clients and the Monument Team move through life with a desire to constantly be learning and enhancing the world around us. Said a bit differently, we are all searching for a better way.”

Here at Monument, we move people forward–not only our clients but also our teammates and community–crafting a supportive and uplifting climate where everyone can succeed.