Step 4: Investment Strategy and Allocation

Once we complete your Private Wealth PlanSM, we then apply it to your investment strategy to come up with an appropriate allocation for your wants and needs. Your allocation will depend on your life situation, investment time horizon, risk tolerance as measured through our Riskalyze Questionnaire, and more.

We like the saying, “Flipping out is NOT an investment strategy!” Our theory is to start with, and stick with, your long-term Private Wealth PlanSM and investment strategy. It is important to adjust your plan along the way, according to changes in your lifestyle and goals, but it’s also important to not let current events or market corrections have an impact on your investment choices and your long-term goals. We strongly believe that having 12-18 months of cash available in your account is vital to ensuring that you don’t have to sell investments during market corrections. If you have a long-term Private Wealth PlanSM and investment strategy, you can plan and act, rather than constantly react.

Portfolio Management

It’s Better to Plan and Act, Than Constantly React.

Market conditions and global news are always changing.

The prices of securities change a lot faster than economic conditions or company fundamentals.

To pursue overall investment strategy performance, the Monument Team sifts through all of the noise, news and opinion and focuses on macroeconomic, sector and security research to manage several different portfolio strategies and help guide our clients through the market cycle rather than just the moment.