Buying Low and Selling High

Eight Straight Great to Date

Last week was the 8th anniversary of one of the greatest buying opportunities of most of our lifetimes.  As you can see below, it was obvious to most investors that March 9th, 2009 was going to be the bottom… I’m sure everyone knows I’m kidding…I remember someone in my industry saying to me, “this could literally go to zero.” Yes, he literally said, “literally.” Now, eight years later, this bull…

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Monument’s Economic Review

Check out our latest video!  Our Economic Review video breaks down 2016 into four distinct sections, discusses what affected the market in each of those periods, and then goes into what’s ahead for 2017. WATCH THE VIDEO>  

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Stocks Are On A Roll – What Now?

Last week was a busy one for me. I had a dinner meeting every evening and there was a resounding theme, both implicit and explicit, in almost every conversation we had – “Is now a good time to add money to portfolios or start taking chips off the table?” Answer: I don’t know. How could I? But that still does not absolve me from needing to look at things and…

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Bull Market Bear Market

A Tug-of-War Between The Bulls and The Bears

I’m seeing, reading and hearing a lot of back and forth between people on where this market is heading and frankly, there are a lot of data that are supportive of both camps. People who are beating the bull drum have been highlighting the restrained investor sentiment, fair valuations, the improvement in the U.S. Dollar that is supportive of better earnings in the future and the still growing, yet tepid,…

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Longest Bull Market

Market Value and Intrinsic Value – Know the Difference

I realize that the idea of sitting down and devouring a good book is usually on everyone’s to-do list. However, when they imagine doing that, I bet it’s rarely with a book about finance … but I have a good one for you. It’s one you can just pick up, open to any page and read for a few minutes. It’s called “The Devil’s Financial Dictionary,” by Jason Zweig from…

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out of the market

The Most Hated Rally I’ve Ever Seen – Here’s What Has the Market Up

I don’t know what it is, but it seems that everyone I casually chat with is sour about this rally. I’m not sure if it’s because people are in cash, if it’s because they are over-weighted to sectors that are not up as much as the market, or if it is because they are just sour about a lot of the economic data that keeps pointing to a tepid expansion.…

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