Special Report 2016

Special Report

It’s been a heck of a start to the year. The S&P 500 is already down over 2.7% through Wednesday’s close and as of this writing at 10am on Thursday, January 7th, it’s down another 1.5%. If the market were to close right this second, the YTD loss would be around 4.2% YTD. The last intraday high set in the S&P 500 was last May and through yesterday’s close, it…

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2016 Economic Review

I Remember 2015 Like It Was Yesterday

**Since today is a big move day in the market, I’ve got a quick thought at the end of this blog. 2015…a year of both expectedness and surprises. The economy trudged along, the unemployment rate fell, and the Federal Reserve finally lifted the Fed funds rate at the end of the year. Taking a closer look, we see what many people are calling “The Tale of Two Economies.” This is…

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us vs them

It’s Us vs. Them

Everyone seems to be focused on the global economy over the last couple of months amid fears that sagging growth around the world will take its toll over here in the good old USA. The basic question everyone is asking is, “Will the U.S. economy take a big hit because of problems in developing markets and China?” China is going through somewhat of an economic transformation. It’s moving away from…

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